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Design tips increase productivity at work

Office Design Hints That Increases Productivity at Work   De-clutter  your office – Divide your workspace in to zones – Keep Only What You Need At Arm’s – Create A Daily Paper System – Keep all Drawers organized – Use hooks or hangers for outwear – Use baskets for short […]

Some home Decorating secrets from experts

Home Decorating Secrets   – Ideal height to hang your flat screen TV is at your eye level when you’re in viewing position – Ideal viewing distance of TV is 1 1/2 times the size of your your flat screen TV – Use wallpaper in unexpected places : on the […]

Choosing the perfect Wardrobe for Your Bedroom

Perfect Wardrobe for Your Bedroom Right wardrobe for the bedrooms in your home is an important decision. here are a few tips to make sure you pick out the best wardrobe for your bedrooms.       Consider your requirements Think about your need. Do you just need loads of basic […]

Things Every Living Room Must Have

Things That Every Living Room Needs   Plants Natural plant is something every living room must have. Plants are so versatile they look awesome in any type of décor.   Something personal Living room should have something personal like some family photos. Without these, room would feel less welcoming.   A […]

Why do you need Interior Designers?

Why hire an interior designer?       Everyone dreams to live in an beautiful space that brings comfort and satisfaction. A space that not only looks amazing and reflects the style and personality of its owners, but also functions well. But wonderful spaces are carefully explored, thought-out and planned; they are […]


Home Security System   Crime Deterrence Having a home alarm system is one of the best deterrents available to prevent burglaries and home invasions. installing a home alarm to help deter burglary attempts.    Family Protection It provides piece of mind knowing that your family and home is protected. An […]

Best Plants for making your home beautiful

Decorate your home with plants. Areca Palm Areca Palm is also known as bamboo palm, Areca Palm is a beautiful palm tree to grow indoors and it is the best air purifying plant and it will add a tropical feel to your home.   Snake Plant Snake Plant is called […]

Choosing Perfect Tiles for your home !

Tips on buying the Perfect Tiles for Your Perfect Home   Tile is an essential flooring material in homes and commercial centres around the world. There are many types of tiles in the market made from different materials like clay, stone, ceramic, porcelain and many more. With a wide variety […]

Tips for coloring your home beautifully

Color your home beautifully   You can use some unique different colors to give your home adorable look.   ORANGE   Orange provides cheerful, bold, and exciting feeling. Orange is friendly, its a great choice for a family room or relaxed living room.    RED Red is viewed as an exciting, […]

Awesome Bathroom Ideas

Here are some tips and ideas for planning your dream bathroom.   Functions: Your new bathroom must be fully functional. Mapping: Plumbing matters will impact where you place your tub, toilet, or shower. Motive: What type of ambiance you expect in your bathroom? Materials: When choosing materials for your bathroom, make sure you choose right quality material […]

Few tips to consider before buying home furniture.

Buying furniture for home? here are few tips that you should consider before buying furniture. The home interiors are the best reflection of the personalities of its residents. Whether you go for the minimalist look or modern, it does say something about your style, preference, and choice. When talking of […]

What is Interior Design?

What is Interior Design ? Interior design is the total creative solution for a programmed interior. It encompasses the conceptual planning, aesthetic and technical solutions applied to achieve the desired result. A “programmed interior” means a specific intended purpose or use of the built environment. Interior design concerns itself with […]