5 things you should consider before selecting interior designers in pune

5 things to consider when selecting an interior designers in pune for your home design

Selecting interior designers in pune for you requirement and budget can be little difficult and tricky task.


You simply cannot make even a trivial mistake while decorating this most sacred space in your life. You have a choice and you have to choose with utmost care the interior designer to whom you will hand over your nest for decoration, who will make it suit your style and budget.

These few simple tips will facilitate the selection of the right interior designer for designing your property on the basis of your style and preference.

  • Read the customer reviews 

Feedback coming directly from people engaging the services of an interior designer prove to be a very effective tool while selecting an interior designer who will match your needs. There are several magazines related to the topic which publish monthly reviews of the most sought after interior designers. You can check the reputation of designers on the internet via the search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Reading and analyzing the facts will facilitate the process of selection to a great degree.

  • Ask for portfolio and previous work samples

 After shortlisting a few candidates following a thorough analysis of customer reviews, it would be good to have a look at their portfolios. Studying their portfolios will give you a fair idea as to what the designer has to offer and whether it suits your style and meets your preferences. Most of the reputed interior designers make their portfolios readily available to prospective customers. You can rule out the designers from your list whose previous work does not appeal to your senses. 

  • Communicate you budget range early in discussion 

After you select the portfolio that matches your requirements it would be best to contact them for their prices. Most interior design firms publish their prices on the respective websites. You can visit the concerned websites and compare all the prices available in the market. This will make it easier for you to choose the best design company that provides high quality design at an affordable rate.

Most reputed designers have customized packages, tailored to suit your style and budget, and having a one- on- one interaction will simplify the process of making the right decision. After all you cannot allow the whole project to go overboard and ruin your finances.

  • Share Project Pictures or Invite the designer to survey your property

If the designer visits your property he will get an idea of the vital statistics and will be able to prepare a professional quotation that will give you an overview of the design that would suit the conditions, and also the budgetary prerequisites.

This initiative would also facilitate the next very important step of asking for a sample, which would be the deciding factor while you choose the designer that suits your style and helps you meet your preferences in home decor.

  • Ask for Software Simulation before final implementation 

The software simulation can really help in getting exact idea about How your Home (project) would look after finally done with interior designing. The software can show in the for of images and even virtual walk around with the interior designing ideas. This step really has great advantage as you can change the plan, color, theme etc, based on simulation itself, Thus saving you lots of time and rework for modification. Most of the reputed design firms are more than willing to provide a sample as a blueprint of the actual work. This sample will give you a fair idea of what the actual scenario would be and you can drop out if you do not like the sample that has been provided for your approval. Analyzing the sample before making the final decision would be convenient to both the parties involved.

These precautionary measures are very essential before you hand over the designing of your home to a professional, in order to provide grave disappointments and lapses in financial planning at a later stage.

Hope you find a good designer of your choice, Happy Designing!

Yogesh K.

Yogesh K.

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1: Meeting family members / business leaders (understand expectations from home / office)
2: Software simulation models of interior designs (get approval)
3: Implementation of project with personal and professional touch
4: You get your dream place that stays in budget and exceeds your expectations.

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