Best Plants for making your home beautiful

Decorate your home with plants.

Areca Palm

areca palm

Areca Palm is also known as bamboo palm, Areca Palm is a beautiful palm tree to grow indoors and it is the best air purifying plant and it will add a tropical feel to your home.


Snake Plant

Snake Plant

Snake Plant is called Sansevieria trifasciata, Snake Plant is best for air purifying and you can keep it in your bedroom to improve the air quality at night because it converts CO2 to Oxygen at night.


Aloe Plant


Aloe vera is a good indoor plant that not require a ton of sun light or even water and they tend to live for many years and get pretty large time by time. 


Rubber Plant


it has green, large , thick, glossy leaves and new leaves has a rosy colour, it grows up well in most homes with just a little care and in the right condition it will become a large so it is not a plant for homes with limited space, It requires the temperature above 55 Degree F(12.7 Degree C)


Money Plant

Money Plant

Money plant you can grind easily in every home , Money plant is considered as a lucky plant which brings health , wealth, prosperity and happiness in the house.


English Ivy

english Ivy

English Ivy is also called the Hedera helix, It blends beautiful in gardens, There are so many ivy varieties as some are with plan green leaves and some with yellow, gold or creamy white.


Peace Lily

peace lily

Peace Lily also called Spathiphyllum, In the home they prefer light to moderate shade during the summer water and mist frequently and they thrive with higher humidity and they really prefer moist warmth and avoid cold draft and temp below 55 Degree F if possible.


Spider Plant

Spider Plant


Spider Plant is also called Chlorophytum Comosum, airplane plant , it is required minimum 50 Degree f Temperature, and spider plant prefer bright light and tend toward scorching in direct sunlight.


Red-Edged Dracaena

red edge dracena


Red-Edged Dracaena is also called Dracaena Reflexa and they require bright light, It is an evergreen tree with green leaves and slim curving stalks for trunks.  It can grow 8-15 feet and 3-8 feet wide in the good conditions


Golden Pothos

golden pothos

Golden photos is called Epipremnum aureum, It requires Bright and indirect sunlight , Under full sun the leaves will lose some of their distinctive yellow marbling. they prefer the temperature around 55 degree F.A well - grown Golden Pothos vince can easily overrun its container, they can climb, They are excellent hanging plant.

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