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Your secret behind getting world class interior designs for your property at unbelievable prize !!! So, you are a builder and looking for quickly completing Sample flats to start the bookings And there is the moment…you waited and prepared for... The launching day of your project As a builder:
  • You have taken a great financial leverage
  • Acquired the land for the project
  • Got the architecture ready for buildings
  • Advertisement banners are placed
  • Everything is finalized…
And now there is the moment!!! It’s time to take First step in making your project a reality… The launching of your project
How much importance the sample flat interior design has in this ?
sample flat designer  interior design for sales flat   No one can argue with this that,
 The Sample Flat is the single most important factor… that can make or break the success of your project!!! 
We can compare it with anything and everything for its importance,Video advertisements of the project
  • TV commercials of your project
  • Walk through videos explaining flat interior and society amenities and landscape
  • Websites
  • Sales team
  • Brochures, Print advertisements and paper advertisement etc…
we can compare it with anything… But you eventually will come to conclusion… although everything mentioned above is important to generate leads, market attention, awareness also generating phone calls and visits to your site… but everything wins or fails with the “Sample flat”!!! As the home buyer sees with eyes, touch with hands and feels the emotions that drive him to take his buying decision!!! Hence “The Sample flat” is super important !!! So much so… that done well it can literally sale the flats almost effortlessly… Having said that, builder don’t have an easy time making simple flat just as they want (home buyers visiting project want).

Why Builders suffer in getting sample flat ready in time?

The construction is easy part… you build a sales office at the project and build the sample flat too… a lot of things are coming up to shorten the time required to build the sample flat in quickest time… The problem is in Designing… let’s find out the problems faced by the builder in doing interior design of the sample flat of the project…

The problem in understanding what it takes to design a successful sample flat

interior design for sales flat The skilled interior designer is an artist and he gives the magic touch to the construction with his skills and successfully creates irresistible and lasting impression of the property in the minds of the visitor (home buyers). This designer plays a key role in making a project great success when it comes to designing a sample flat as per taste of visitors (home buyer) that we are targeting with the project. There are two main factors to consider,
  • Demographics of the buyer of our project (location of the society) and
  • Psychographics of the buyer of our project (emotions and buying criteria’s in the given area) 
Here it comes,
It is the Main responsibility of the interior designer to consider both demographic and psycho graphic profiles of the ideal buyers to the flats in the project and design the sample flat such that it successfully helps maximum visitors in making their buying decision!!!
So, a good design is not good enough if it fails to convert visitors in to clients for the project…
A successful interior design of the sample flat is just what it takes to convince the visiting home buyer that this is indeed the place of his dream that he is searching for and get him to book the flat!!!
Unfortunately though, most interior designers fail to create such interest in buyers and the investment made by the builder suffer due to poor conversion rate and delay in selling the project out.

The pressure of time to complete the interior design of sample flat

Now, there are some exceptions but in general interior designers are known for not being able to complete the projects on or before time… this is particularly true with the “sample flat project” It is a big event for you as a builder of the project!!!  
You invited all the related people, professional contacts, prospect buyers family members etc. for the grand opening of the project (start of selling flats) the date is approaching and the design work is still going on and you wonder if it is going to finish before the BIG DAY !!!
This is not a rare problem; there is always a pressure (especially financial pressure) which makes launching date of the project super important!!!
“what if a dedicated interior design firm understands what it takes to design a winning sample flat,  takes the sample flat project as extreme priority and complete it professionally well before time”
This would a dream come true for most builders!!!

Problem with fair use of budget in designing sample flat

Builders are never short on budget. Having said that “sample flat” is something a temporary investment for a builder (although very important one). In most of the cases the sample flat are demolished at the time of construction depending up on the architecture and plan of the society. A builders Investment in a sample flat becomes a two way sword !!! 
  • If we invest just too much in a sample flat, most probably everything would be demolished within 1 to 2 years when actual project construction starts and the money invested goes waste
  • If we invest too little, then the sample flat itself may look inferior and cheap and might fail to convert the visitors in to buyers at the expected rate 
So, it’s really comes to the skills of the interior designer again to decide how much is good enough!!! There is need in the market of sample flat interior designer specialists who can utilize the budget in such a manner that it is good enough to be a winning design that converts visitors in to home buyers in the given project.

Designing a home and designing a sample flat is same ??  No… Not at all

This is one of the most underline problems in the entire interior design industry, it takes absolutely different skills to design the flat or home where a family is going to live…and designing a sample flat which serves as a selling point. Here is how it is different:
The fundamental purpose of designing a home (flat for family) and a sample flat is completely different.
The home flat: in this case the focus of interior designer is on
  • family member needs
  • the utilization of space for family member
  • taste of the family
  • budget of the family
  • more of utility than aesthetic
  • practical decisions on material… etc 
The sample flat: In this case the focus of the designer is on 
  • Creating a benchmark.
  • The design of the sample flat would be a statement that how good it can look, feel when you buy this home
  • The material used is the most premium without much concern to budget
  • The focus is more towards aesthetic, looks and style than the utility of the design
  • The premium feel is super important
  • It is designed keeping in mind the taste of majority of visitors
There is huge requirement in the market for interior designers who understand this difference and specializes in making the project a great success by a remarkable sample flat design.

3 things to consider when selecting interior designer  

In summary, there are 3 things you should consider when appointing an interior designer for the sample flat of your project.

1. The specialist interior design firm for sample flat

As discussed, there is so much difference in normal interior designer / firm who does residential / commercial projects and the requirements for designing a sample flat.
It’s like the old TV commercial for a job website, where the a tennis player continuously hitting out of the ground and loosing… then the job website places him in the right job and then he become a master six hitter in cricket !!!
Great message communicated in a fun way… the definition of winning skills are different in tennis and cricket. Similarly, it is completely different game designing family homes, flats, commercial properties and designing a Sample flat!!! So, Choose the specialists for designing sample flats and you will not have the sleepless nights before launching date and worry about whether the sample flat will be completed on time, and with right design that successfully covert…

2. Design firm following strict time lines to complete sample flat designbusiness-system

As discussed above, Time is the most important factor and the specialist interior design firms
  • Align all the resources towards completion of sample flat design in quickest time
  • Business Systems specifically designed around creating winning sample flat design
  • It is taken on highest priority
  • These specialist firms use their best resources
  • Respond to the sample flat design project with extreme urgency
A systematic approach and business systems specially designed for sample flat interior design makes these firms super efficient and get remarkable work done in shortest possible time

3. Budget is not a problem with specialist sample flat designer firm

you should not be surprised to see some of the firms that specializes in sample flat designs ready to work on “No profit No loss” basis…  and you end up paying much less to the specialist than to a general interior designer… The reason specialist could afford to work on less payment fees is 
  • The business systems designed to take one step at a time with best results
  • The systematic approach reduces time and wasted budget
  • Experience with hundreds of sample flat designs makes things work fast
In return, the design firm expects recommendation from you and some business to them while the home buyer like the interior design of the sample flat and wants his home designer from the same firm. This is where they expect to make profits…
So, you pay much less to the specialist sample flat design firm than to a general interior designer… 

Our systems making sample flat a success


Site visit of the project:

Sample flat design experts personally visit the project site, observes the interior of constructed flat and notes the possibilities to convert this flat in to a winning sample flat with best use of design elements. The observations are noted and sent the office on same day for processing further. 

Requirement Analysis:

The interior design of the sample flat is based on understanding demographics (the area of home buyers) and psycho-graphics (buying preferences of home buyers) of the project. This is understood by our system by getting answers to a questioner that we designed to clearly analyse the expectations from the successful sample flat.

Software Simulations of Interior design:

The software simulation helps in getting exact idea about how sample flat would look after finally done with interior designing. The software plans can show in the form of images and even virtual walk around with the interior designing ideas. You can change the plan, colour, theme etc. based on simulation itself, thus saving you lots of time and cost for modification.

Get Approval for design plan:

Now a days the software simulation designs of an interior plan is as real as it can get. This takes away a lot of guess work and hassle out of approval of interior design plan that wins majority of votes. The approved plan is taken into action in quickest time, materials purchase orders given immediately making entire process super efficient.  

Implement designs in quickest time:

Implementation of design at sample flat, this is where Business Systems performs at their peak and this is where the difference between a Specialist and other interior designer lies. Systems designed for performing specific tasks in effective and timely manner takes the time-delay factor away from the equation. It gets completed on time.

Sample flat designs that works:

Congratulations !!! Here is your first step in making your project a great success... A Superb sample flat that creates the feelings of pride, opens all possibilities in minds of visitors and helps home buyers in making their buying decisions with confidence. All in all a sample flat which converts visits in to sales. 


Yogesh K.

Yogesh K.

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* corporate offices to residential houses and flats.
* Hotels, restaurants, clinics and cafe designs

Known for Speed of completing design projects systematically… His specialty is combining client’s wishes within affordable budget and costs.

1: Meeting family members / business leaders (understand expectations from home / office)
2: Software simulation models of interior designs (get approval)
3: Implementation of project with personal and professional touch
4: You get your dream place that stays in budget and exceeds your expectations.

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